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Benefits of a Texas Collaborative Divorce

Benefits of a Texas Collaborative Divorce

A traditional divorce is done in the “litigation” process. This is where, if the parties cannot agree, they end up in court and let a judge make the decision. The litigation process can be difficult on the parties and the children. As one of the Best San Antonio Divorce Lawyers, Rebecca Carrillo, has seen how destructive litigation can be on families. Litigation puts the parties in a “win” or “lose” situation. It makes people throw all the “dirt” they have on the other parent in a public setting. After a court hearing, it is very common to see parents that could call each other before, now refuse to even send an email or a text message to the other parent. Mending the damage of the court experience can take years.

Collaborative divorce is completely different than litigation. In a Texas Collaborative Divorce, the parties begin by signing an agreement that they will NOT go to court. This lets everyone breathe a little bit easier from the beginning. One of the greatest advantages of a collaborative divorce is that it is private and confidential. You can even file your divorce with your initials instead of your full name. This provides you privacy that is impossible in litigation. Furthermore, and most importantly, it puts kids first. You are able to craft a unique and carefully thought out parenting plan with the help of your lawyer and any other professionals in the team. In the litigation process, it is very common for judges to slap on a standard parenting plan and move on in the case. This could be detrimental to kids who have extracurricular activities or parents with nontraditional work schedules.

As on of the best San Antonio divorce lawyers, Rebecca Carrillo is also familiar with how the collaborative divorce process saves money. People are usually turned off from collaborative when they hear that we utilize additional professionals in addition to the lawyers for each party. However, it is these professionals who save the clients the most money. In Collaborative, we typically use a Mental Health Professional a/k/a “divorce coach” and a Financial Professional. The divorce coach is the one who moderates the meetings and helps create the custom possession schedule and parenting plan for the parties. The financial planner does the hard work of putting together a complete financial picture for the parties and assisting in brainstorming about how to divide the parties’ estate. By working with these professionals outside of your time with your individual lawyer, you end up saving money. Typically, the most expensive person on your collaborative team is your lawyer. So, if you use the other professionals in conjunction with your lawyer, you can more effectively control the costs of your divorce.


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