What Not to Say to Someone Getting a Divorce

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Divorces can be quite unsettling — even if you are not one of the parties involved. Saying the right thing may comfort your friend or family member undergoing a divorce; however, saying the wrong thing can be hurtful and potentially harm your relationship. Our divorce attorneys share how you can support your friends by not saying the following phrases.

“There Are Other People Out There.”

There may be someone new and right for your friend out there, but they don’t necessarily need to hear that now. While you may have good intentions by saying this phrase, now is not the time. Once you see that your friend is working towards letting go of their divorce and beginning to pursue a new relationship, then you can say this, but still keep it reserved just in case.

“I Never Liked Them Anyway.”

This is a popular phrase said following break ups — and extremely self-centered. You should focus on supporting your friend, not saying that you were right about their relationship, which resulted in both marriage and divorce. This phrase may seem comforting, but your friend must have liked something about their soon-to-be ex-spouse to marry them. Keep this one to yourself and don’t say it, no matter the time, place, or how much you believe it.

“At Least It’s Over.”

Your friend may not want their marriage to end or at least in the way that it is ending. By stating, “At least it’s over,” it might upset your friend as you minimize their marriage and pave the way for bashing the other party. In its place, take your friend’s lead and talk about their marriage in a respectful manner or however they wish to discuss their marriage.

San Antonio Divorce Lawyer

Talking about divorce can be difficult — it is an uncomfortable and often emotional subject for the parties involved. Our divorce lawyers at The Law Office of Rebecca J. Carrillo put compassion first for all of our clients to ensure that they feel comfortable as we work through their divorce or other family law matters.

Do you have a friend going through divorce and needing representation? Refer them to us! Call us at (210) 405-6623 or contact us online to schedule an affordable consultation today with our divorce attorney.

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