Our Step-By-Step Guide to Your Divorce Solution

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Nearly half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Despite it being a common occurrence, it’s still a difficult process for most families to endure. Divorces can add a tremendous amount of stress to everyone involved during an already emotionally heightened time, which is why it’s crucial to have the right counsel guiding you through each step of the way. Our team will take some of the burdens off of you by drafting paperwork, filing documents, and keeping track of deadlines so that you can focus on what’s best for you.

At The Law Office of Rebecca J. Carrillo, we know that divorce can be painful but a necessary step to move forward with your life. To help you through yours, we’ve laid out this step-by-step guide so that you know what to expect.

Step One: Filing

The first step is to file the Petition for Divorce form at the county courthouse where you and your spouse have lived for the last 90 days. The filing comes with a fee, which will typically cost you between $250 - $300. Once the petition has been filed and served to the other party, there will be a 60-day waiting period before a divorce can be granted.

Step Two: Contested or Uncontested?

If you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement regarding the terms of your divorce, then there will be no formal trial. While this is the ideal situation, that typically this isn’t the case. Many divorcing couples disagree on issues such as property division, spousal support, and child custody, and matters can quickly become contentious. In the case of a contested divorce, it’s best to get assistance from an attorney who will guide you through the legal nuances.

Step Three: Going to Court

Divorces cases can be complex, especially when you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement. In these cases, each party and their respective attorneys will appear before a judge and he or she will have to make a decision. Having the right representation is important because they will be able to negotiate terms and get you the best possible outcome.

Get Started with The Law Office of Rebecca J. Carrillo

A divorce can affect the trajectory of the rest of your life, and having the assistance of an attorney can help make the process less painful. Our team is here to be with you every step of the way from the initial paperwork and negotiations to the final decision.

Take comfort in knowing that your case is in the hands of a highly experienced and capable legal team. Call The Law Office of Rebecca J. Carrillo at (210) 405-6623 today to schedule your consultation.

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