Managing Custody While Going Back to School

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When you and your child's other parent agree to a custody arrangement, you may have had a certain schedule at your job. If you've decided to go back to school, managing child custody arrangements may be difficult. If you're no longer able to abide by the court order that's already in place, it's important to seek the legal counsel of a child custody attorney.

When Schools or Daycares Close

If your child is in daycare or school and you return to school, you may have difficulty finding somewhere for your child to go if the childcare center or schools close. The COVID-19 pandemic shuttered the doors of many schools and childcare centers. If you are going back to school in person, you'll need a backup plan for childcare in case your child becomes quarantined due to exposure or isolated as a result of COVID-19 infection. You may need to request the court to allow you to use more types of childcare services, such as latchkey. You may also need to petition the court to allow a family member to provide childcare while you're attending classes.

What to Do If Your Schedule Changes

For many college students, schedules change on a quarterly or semester basis. You may need a family law attorney who can work quickly on your behalf to make updates to your custody arrangements. If you're in a school program that involves group projects, a clinical requirement, an internship, fellowship, or practicum, you'll need to take those extra hours into account when setting up a temporary change in child visitation or the times and days you exchange your child with their other parent.

How to Get a Temporary Change In Visitation Days, Hours, or Locations

The best way to manage custody while going back to school is to work with a child custody or family law attorney for a formal, court-approved custody modification. A family law attorney uses airtight language that the court will accept. You'll have a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities. You can also have your child custody attorney include particular contingencies, such as if you graduate early or if your return to school takes more time than planned.

Managing child custody while going back to school can be a challenge. However, knowing that you're taking positive actions to improve your life and doing the best possible job to care for your child will bring you peace of mind. A child custody attorney can help you with changing visitation arrangements, schedules, and more.

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