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What Situations Call for Sole Legal Custody in Texas?
What Situations Call for Sole Legal Custody in Texas?

In some circumstances, separating children from their families is the safest option. If you believe your children would be better off in your full-time care, hiring an experienced child custody attorney is an important step. Sole Custody in Texas In most cases, one parent ...

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  • Co-Parenting 101: How To Make Joint Custody Work

    When both parents act in the best interests of the children, joint custody arrangements can be constructed in such ways that minimize the impact of ...

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  • Managing Custody While Going Back to School

    When you and your child's other parent agree to a custody arrangement, you may have had a certain schedule at your job. If you've decided to go back ...

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  • My Ex Doesn’t Want to Vaccinate Our Child — What Can I Do?

    Parenting decisions can be tough to agree on, even when you have an excellent relationship with your former spouse. Now that vaccines for COVID-19 are ...

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  • How to Create a Holiday Co-Parenting Schedule in Texas

    When divorced or separated parents share custody or visitation, they must learn how to share their child’s time. However, it can be challenging to do ...

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  • 4 Signs Your Ex is Alienating Your Child from You

    Raising a child with an ex-spouse can be a very stressful experience, especially when you don't get along with your child’s other parent. When two ...

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  • Getting Custody: A Step-By-Step Guide

    After divorcing or separating from their significant other, parents will have to decide how they want to manage custody of their children, also known ...

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  • What to Consider About Child Custody Before Moving Out Of State

    Court orders in respect of children in particular child custody orders come with a high level of strictness. Therefore any decision you make about the ...

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  • My Spouse Says I will Never See My Kids Again

    As a San Antonio divorce attorney, I have heard of all sorts of threats made between spouses. One of the most common threats I hear being made is one ...

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  • Child Custody Case in San Antonio

    If you have a child custody case , the best thing you could do is get a lawyer and develop a specialized plan specifically to your child’s needs and ...

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