What To Do When Your Spouse Is Posting Divorce Details Online

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Going through a divorce can be a vulnerable time: you often have to hash out your divorce with lawyers which may be emotionally difficult. Because of the personal nature of divorces, it is best not to post details about your divorce online to protect all parties involved.

If you find your spouse or another party posting details about your divorce online, it may be shocking and upsetting. But what exactly do you do in that situation?

Stay Calm

You may feel anxious or angry seeing your personal divorce details posted online. It is essential to try and stay calm during this discovery so that you can make rational decisions.

Record The Social Posts With Divorce Details

You will need to have a record of these social posts to show your divorce attorney and potentially use as evidence during litigation. If the post is an image or text-based post, take a screenshot of the post with those private details. If the post is video-based, take a screen recording with your phone or computer to capture the whole post.

Recording the posts with details of your divorce creates a digital trail if your spouse decides to delete the posts later. Make sure that these recordings are time-stamped for future use and save them on multiple devices.

Do Not Respond To The Posts

This may take a lot of willpower, but do your best not to respond to the posts. Do not comment, share, react, or make your own post responding to these posts. Responding to the posts online will draw out the drama and draw more attention to the initial posts.

If you feel that you need to respond, do it through your attorney to the other party.

Consult Your Divorce Attorney

Bring your screenshots or recorded videos to your next meeting with your divorce attorney. If you do not have an upcoming meeting, request a meeting with them to discuss the posts and how they may affect your divorce proceedings. Explain how the posts make you feel to your attorney, who will help you create a course of action regarding these posts.

Our skilled divorce attorneys at The Law Office of Rebecca J. Carrillo are here to consult you during this vulnerable time. If you suspect your spouse is posting details about your divorce, call us today at (210) 405-6623 to schedule a case consultation.

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