Uncontested Divorce in Texas

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As a San Antonio divorce lawyer, I help couples obtain uncontested divorces all the time. When I think of an uncontested divorce, I think of a situation where the couple agrees on the following:

  1. To be divorced
  2. Custody
  3. Division of debts
  4. Division of assets
  5. Amount of child support
  6. Visitation for the child or children

Agreeing to all of these things can be very hard, especially when you have children. When couples can agree, it saves on legal expenses and can make the case go much more quickly. If you believe that you and your spouse have an agreement on everything above, then an uncontested Texas divorce may be for you. These types of divorces are the cheapest way to become divorced and the least stressful.

As a San Antonio divorce lawyer, when I have uncontested divorces, I typically draft up the petition for divorce for the spouse who hires me, send the other spouse a waiver to sign (so we can avoid serving them with the lawsuit at their work or home), and then I start drafting an Agreed Final Decree for both parties to sign once it is complete. Once the divorce decree is signed, the final step is to get it filed with the court and to have my client “prove up” the divorce before a judge. That just means that the judge needs to hear certain evidence from a spouse to confirm that the judge can grant their divorce.

If you are interested in hiring a San Antonio divorce attorney for an uncontested divorce in Texas, please call me at (210) 405-6623.

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