Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First in Texas?

Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First in Texas?

As a San Antonio divorce attorney, I am often asked the question “does it matter who files for divorce first?”. The answer is that it, in most cases, it probably doesn’t matter that much but at other times it can be important. This question should be answered on a case by case basis. However, for the purposes of this blog, I will share some general perspectives on filing first for divorce in Texas.

Filing for Divorce First: Advantages & Disadvantages

One advantage to filing first is that you get to talk first in court. That can be an advantage at times, but other times it is advantageous to talk second and get the last word in. Another advantage is that if you file first, you can set the initial tone and the speed of the case. For example, if you file first, you have the option of being the first to decide if you need a temporary orders hearing. A temporary orders hearing is a hearing where the judge will decide issues such as custody, child support, living arrangements, and paying the bills. If your spouse files first, that doesn’t mean you can’t set it for a hearing. Whether you file first or second, you can set it for a temporary hearing.

Another advantage of filing first is being able to obtain immediate help and relief from the court if you need it. In most Texas counties, as soon as you file for divorce a standard order comes into place regarding assets and children. These orders can be powerful and help prevent future problems. It may important for you to get those orders in place right away. Also, if you need a protective order or need to prevent your spouse from moving away with your children, you will need to file first so that the judge can enter some immediate orders regarding those issues.

Let us Help You File for Divorce in Texas

One disadvantage to filing first in most Texas counties is that the typically the filing fee for the person who files first is more expensive. For example, in Bexar County, the filing fee for the person who files first in a divorce that involves children is $304.00. The fee for their spouse to file a counter-petition is just $40.00. Another disadvantage is that it can alert your spouse of your demands, allowing for a counterattack. This counterattack is even more devastating if an experienced lawyer is by their side. The last disadvantage is that there will be no reconciling, as one spouse has already made it clear that the marriage is over.

My Firm Can Help You Weigh the Pros & Cons of Filing First 

Bottom line- You technically do not get a legal advantage to filing first. However, filing first does let you control some aspects of the case at the beginning that you would otherwise not be able to control. If you are considering divorce or you think your spouse might be thinking of filing for divorce, contact my firm online or call me at 210-202-2323. As a San Antonio divorce attorney, I can help weigh the pros and cons of filing first with you and help you make that decision.

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