Custody Cases in San Antonio

As a San Antonio divorce attorney, I handle custody cases. In my experience, every custody case is slightly different but the courts always focus on key issues. Some of those key issues I see as a San Antonio divorce attorney are:

  1. Age of the child
  2. Work schedule of parents
  3. Mental health of both parents
  4. Home environment
  5. Criminal history of both parents
  6. Involvement of both parents in the daily activities of the child prior to their break up or separation
  7. The ability of the parents to cooperate together
  8. Family Violence
  9. Drug use or alcohol abuse
  10. Reasons for each parent seeking custody

As a San Antonio Divorce Attorney, I go over all these issues with my clients as we evaluate your custody case. If you are interested in hiring a San Antonio Divorce Attorney, please call our office for a $70.00 consult.

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