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As a San Antonio divorce lawyer, I am asked about annulments on a very frequent basis. Typically, spouses interested in annulments have been married for a very short period of time and realize that the marriage was a mistake.

In Texas, you can obtain an annulment only if you can prove some very specific things, such as mental incapacity, being under the influence at the time of the marriage, or fraud or duress.

The most common type of annulment I have seen is an annulment based on fraud or duress. To obtain this type of annulment, a spouse must prove that their spouse used fraud or duress to get him/her to marry and they have not voluntarily lived with the spouse since learning of the fraud or duress. What is fraud though? Fraud could include a variety of different promises or representations that are later on revoked by a spouse. One example would be inducing someone to marry promising love and devotion and then after being married making it clear that the marriage is just for immigration purposes and that there will not be a marital relationship.

If you are considering annulment, the Law Office of Rebecca J. Carrillo can assist you in examining if you qualify and discussing your options. Please call us today at (210) 405-6623.

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