Powerball Winner Owes $29k in Child Support

Child Support

I read an article today at the Washington Post which reported on how the recent powerball winner owes $29k in child support. As a Texas attorney, I cannot speak to his case which is in New Jersey. But, it made me think about what would happen in Texas. In Texas, the Attorney General would have the ability to attach to the lottery winnings and have it paid out before the winner would receive the money. So, if he were in Texas, the money would be paid to his kids first before he received it. The Texas Attorney General can attach to nonexempt property for child support arrears. If you are in the position that you owe money for child support, you need to obtain counsel because there are serious consequences to owing money for child support. You can go to jail, lose your license, have to pay court costs or attorneys fees, and more. If someone owes you child support, it is a good idea to get an attorney to represent you so that you can go to court to get that money paid back to you. As a San Antonio child support attorney, I deal with child support cases for people on both ends. Please contact my firm for anĀ initial consult.

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