San Antonio Divorce Lawyer Speaking About Courtroom Behavior


As a San Antonio divorce lawyer, I am in the courtroom on a regular basis. Some weeks, like next week, I will be in court every day of the week. That being said, I frequently am able to observe how people act in the courtroom. Sometimes, it is not that great and we could all learn a lesson. Recently, a Michigan judge held himself in contempt for his own phone ringing during a trial. This is a great reminder that everyone, no matter who, needs to obey the court’s rules.

As a divorce lawyer in San Antonio, I am familiar with our court’s rules here in Bexar County. Like Michigan, you are not allowed to have your phone make noise during a court hearing or while you are in the presiding court. If it does ring, you could be fined or have your phone confiscated for the day.

My advice to anyone going to court is to act professionally! Most San Antonio divorce lawyers will tell you to turn your phone off! I also ask my clients to dress professionally and to be polite at all times to the court staff and judges. Court is not a time to get in a fight with your ex or talk trash to your ex’s family members. If your ex is bothering you or harassing you while you are in court, go to a bailiff and ask them for help.

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